Sunday, June 8, 2014

Electoral Reform Tailor-Made For Three

One is Navin Ramgoolam who has been PM for already too long and who seems to want to breathe his last playing with a new toy. The second one, Paul Berenger, who absolutely wants to be 'PM' and has been the MMM strongman for as long a period as two Soviet leaders -- Stalin and Brezhnev -- have headed the USSR combined. The third is Rama Sithanen who sees his proposal of an electoral galimatia that suits the personal interest of these two leaders as probably the only way he can ever get into parliament again.

The infamous bean-counter has strongly denied he is doing all of this for personal interest but this has not convinced a lot of people. See, why would you want to be remembered as the guy who screwed up the economy so badly that you were the first outgoing Finance Minister to be denied a ticket and the same guy who organised a gang rape of our democracy.


Anonymous said...

Gang rape it is!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

He's not denying anymore: PR is for top guns to go in Parliament no matter what voters may decide.. otherwise elections would lose some of its panache.

How do you like this?