Thursday, December 26, 2013

Parakeet Gets Big New Home

Flying out of the recently inaugurated terminal at Plaisance these days feels like walking through a present. It smells new. On a gigantic scale. Plus courteous personnel will direct you to the right counter while you admire the building's imposing structure. Going through customs is pretty straight forward too and with all the new equipment around there is a simple message that this 57,000 square metre terminal -- or three times the Rashtrapati Bhavan --  is sending out: check me out! Add free Wi-Fi, more comfortable chairs, a lot more shops and restaurants definitely puts our national airport in an entirely different league. That's before taking in the heavenly views of Mauritius on display on the large windows.

Flying into the Terminal is good too. The wider corridors look very neat. One problem though is when you land in that huge hall where the passport officers are. You are not too sure where you need to go. That can and should definitely be improved. And you will have to bear with a bizarre parking design.

Overall the experience is quite nice. But we need to raise our game. By at least making arrivals as pleasant as departures. Fast.


akagugo said...

Bo marsé koutt serr ça... Ek pa zis boulon ek ti-zaferr ki pé rouyé laba.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Flow and flexibility.