Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heavy Rain Shuts Down Water-Starved Dodoland

Yesterday. And just like in 2008, people have lost their lives too during the past few days. I guess Mauritians again experienced how resilient we are. Some people think we should rename ourselves as Gopialand.

Long live the bean-counters!!!


akagugo said...

If it's too hard for some, why not simply "Minou of the Indian Ocean". Because "Tiger" is now proven to be so overblown that it is an insult to them tigers.

By the way, Vasant's way of handling things shows that his concern for the well-being of students is, er, variable, to say the least.

And what to say on the coordination between the National Disaster Committee and the other services that depend on them? Is the NDC not supposed to plan ahead based on forecasts of the Meteorological services? Because there is not much value in telling a drowning population that rains are going to persist as long as they see a grey sky...

And what about the management of road infrastructure in general?
What about the road reserves already colonised by rapacious home-owners?
What about the common habit of littering everywhere?
What about the planning of these things and taming them (river banks, bridges, culverts, drains, and other hydraulic structures) for a return period of 50+ years (like the colonial French did when building Port Louis or when planning for the construction of Mare aux Vacoas)?
What about the enforcement of already existing laws and building by-laws concerning constructible and restricted areas, buffer zones and what not?

Ah, already drowning in too many questions?
Or your venerable leader is getting too busy protecting some white dove from toads and defending freedom of expression for of other toads instead of, at least, reading Judge Domah's already half-a-decade old recommendations.
For action, we'll have to wait for the next flood, preferably with one or two hig-profile casualties who don't trust sarétt-béf.

akagugo said...

Next flood?? Wadir mo éna la-lang kabri, foutour-va!

Si astérr nou pa réalizé ki'nn lérr métt dimoun teknik dan postt ki dimann teknissité, bé anou koumans ranz serkeiy touzour, en attandan prosennn inondation... Ek ki sa classe politique ki pou ena fiél pou vott enn la-loi ki permétt "class-action"? Kan pou arétt sa system "lowest bidder"-la? Kan bann professionél fonctionérr pou capav gagn protection l'Etat pou capav stand-up kontt bann politiciens-gopia ki pa konpran nargnié dan technicalities ek ki contan pran short-cut ki potentielleman fatal? Kan météo (ki pankor asté so radar-mém) pou contign travail prévision san ékipman aproprié ek sibir gran-bourzwa-la so bon-vouloir? Ki a-foutt enn konzé piblik si nou contign gagn mém dimoun avek mém lapross bankal ek bric-a-brac / piece-meal o-lié rézoud problem-la a-la-sourss?

Dépi 13 février dernié, inn koné ki lorizinn blokaz, mé apartt paradé lor tv pou tou fétt réliziéz, nargnié pa'nn foutt kott Place d'Arme... Ala-la konsékanss zordi: 11 dimoun morr, 11 la-mor initil.

Mo salué héroisme bann morisyin anonim ki'nn tirr zott prosin avek lé-moyin-du-borr, lamé-lamé, tant bien que mal, sinon, mo cwar bien ki body-count ti pou ankor pliss grave.

Mé sirtou, mo simpatiz ar bann pross bann ki'nn perdi lavi. Nou'n extra soké par lanplérr déga, bien bien trist ek sagrin ki'nn gagn telman boukou la-morr.

Cry Dodoland, ruled by Gopiacracy...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Triple Shocks -- Flat-tax -- Bumper Crop -- MID...

Killer(s) to strike again???

akagugo said...

Tansion! Enn lott pé vini!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

No worries: we'll be getting the first draft of the constitution amendment bill by next week.