Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adoption of Equal Opportunities Bill Creates Amusing Situation

Because this bill which is essentially saying that there is only one category of citizens was passed by people who, in the last general elections, accepted to be thrown in one of four arbitrary categories of citizens.


akagugo said...

Exactly: that new law implies that there is now only one category of citizens. That will be called to answer (compulsory?) census questionnaires and vote as representatives of the four arbitrary categories which the law says no longer exist. And which smiles at that other 'Best Loser' law which ensures that the categories be adequately 'compensated' in terms of number of seats in parliament. And someone should ask the PMSD to explain how that 'Best Loser' law should also apply to the PSC and DFSC...

Amusing indeed.

And now, speaking of equal opportunities: Why the Ministry of Gender Equality then? Why that poster made by the Ministry of Social Integration under Xavier: "zanfan ti-dimoun vinn gran dimoun"?

Does anyone know what is the game plan of this government?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Game plan? Is there one?