Sunday, May 14, 2017

Madhuri is 50

Tomorrow. That was her comeback movie five years after having moved to the states. The NYT remarked then that the dance queen still got it. Other famous people hitting the big milestone this year include Jurgen Klopp, Julia Roberts, Benicio del Toro, Anderson Cooper, Vin DieselCarrie-Ann Moss and The Wachowskis, Bobby Deol, Carla Bruni, Jason Statham, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson and Akshay Kumar.

Plus another 20 million people. I'll try to put their names later today.

We should have a special thought for all of our freedom-fighters this August. And a month later the BoM will turn 50. Hopefully it will not celebrate the event by depreciating our rupee.

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