Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wanna Know How Absurd the 15% Flat Tax Has Been?

Then consider our recurring water problems since its implementation. Government ran out of money and the efficiency of our water network didn't improve. As much as it should have. Had Sithanen's growth forecasts happened there would have been a lot more cash in the Government coffers. Enough to change 11,585km of leaking pipes. Given that there's only about 1,600km of them do the math and find out how Mr. Sithanen has turned the clock of development backwards.

Had Dr. Kontu not messed up our economy and we had kept on growing at a very reasonable 5.5% there'd be an extra of Rs51 billion of cash in the Treasury. That would have been enough to change all the leaking pipes more than two times.

So it's a money problem. Not a management one.


akagugo said...

Turning the clock of development backwards - this way?

Anonymous said...

Laisse Bizlall rentre la dans ou guette comme zotte kill parade.