Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Longest Serving 007 Dies At 89

Was watching parts of Spectre again yesterday and reading about Daniel Craig. And found out about Roger Moore still being the longest serving James Bond -- Sean Connery remains my favourite. Was also thinking that I should research the third incarnation of 007 so that I'll eventually be able to write a decent obituary. Next thing you know the suave actor has passed away.

My first contact with Mr. Moore was in The Saint. Ah, that intro. We'd whistle it before and after the program. Several times. And at school too. He then appeared in The Persuaders where you'd see him with Tony Curtis week-end after week-end. It was one of the most popular series in the early seventies. The theme music was great too. 

Should find some time to learn a bit more about him. Like I did for this other icon.


Anonymous said...

And this is our local 007, can you please say who think will pay back this loan;


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Batman gone at 88. RIP AW.