Friday, April 21, 2017

Unions Wonder if Layoffs Linked to Hidden Agenda

That's not the only thing they're wondering about. They are also asking themselves if it's not time to ask for the resignation of Ivan Collendavelloo.


akagugo said...

Is this a surprise?
After pushing for a hike in water prices by managing CWA like a profitable business, it was a logical step to continue with WMA, which collects money from CWA consumers through CWA's bill itself. In this minister's mind, everything cannot be free, and each of government's departments needs to be profitable on its own, else it must be sold out to be operated by private companies. Twisted logic, which when exerted to the extrement put the USA where it is today with its healthcare, its water and utilities and almost everything else: at the mercy of large corporations that don't give a damn about consumer rights.

akagugo said...

So, the US has already earmarked business prospects for its corporations in the water sector of Mauritius...? Hmm, could this explain the strategy of placing a financial expert at the helm of CWA, eh?