Thursday, April 20, 2017

Soornack Says Her Hard Work Paid Off


akagugo said...

This person was in no way duty-bound to answer any questions now that she has been cleared by courts of any wrong-doing.
But the problem is with our press: the level of questions was abyssal, to say the least: what kind of person can, under the fake pretense of public knowledge, push curiosity to the point of enquiring about her grooming, lifestyle, personal choices, or worse, past marital problems? How will the Board of Directors of Radio-Sousou, Rweydi-Yo-Wouaan or poT-Ef-Em ever justify to their shareholders giving away air tickets to their reporters to go and ask this kind of obscene question? Pff, cringe-worthy at best.
One thing though: when she replied that she worked hard to comply with procedures set in tender requirements, the one fact was laid glaringly bare: our own so-called investigative journalists have absolutely no idea, or only a fleeting indication, about how the procurement process works. It never came to their minds that our best institution (CPB) could leave out loopholes when it delegates some 'small' projects to specific para-statals, which the ones having replaced Soornack's AirWay Coffee have amply and lavishly exploited (better than her...?)
Well done, madam: to have attracted so many of these parasitic flies around you may have been gratifying to an attention seeker, and to have given nothing away (while being amply supported by your numerous lawyers) to them and them being so disappointed reveals their crass mediocrity.
Now what next?

Anonymous said...

On dirait ene conference de presse NR sa.

Questions et commentaires

i) DuFry besoin intermediaire pour faire affaire avec Mauritius Duty-FRee Shopping Paradise? Pas ene cas de "commission capture" sa et trafic d'influence?
ii) Comment nous connait qui juste 4 personnes ti voyage ensemble? Et pa plus avec huit autres valises remplies d'argent? Qui dire nous qui huit valises pas fine alle par jet prive?
iii) Qui PJ ti dire dans so affidavit lor soonuck?
iv) Pe vine impressionne nous avec loan 120 million roupies. Ti pour plis bon si soonuck ti vine dire nous dates et montants bane contrat qui line gagne. Et l'experience qui li ti ena pour decroche sa bane contrats la.
v) Par souci de transparence qui faire li pas publie so tax returns pour dernye vingt ans?
vi) Paraitre bane gros montants fine echange avec Gooljaury. Ti pu bon gagne bane raisons exacts au lieu dire give and take.

Anonymous said...

Akagugo: " that she has been cleared by courts of any wrong-doing"

Seriously, please think about your thinking!!!

Rishi said...

Nepotism by those in power will never stop. The only bulwark against these kinds of abuse are two vital pieces of legislation : a Freedom of Information Act and a Public Interest Litigation Act. Being made aware of scandals by the press is not enough if one does not have the right to start a legal challenge relating to the misuse of public funds in his/her simple capacity of taxpayer.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Wi. Plus recall election.