Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Safe is Porlwi By Light?

There's gonna be lots of people in Port-Louis for the second edition for sure. How prepared are we to keep sorrow at a minimum if we get torrential rains or a wall of water or both while the festival is on? We shouldn't forget what fifteen centimeters of rain did a couple of years ago.

Maybe there's gonna be clear skies this year. But we can never let our guard down.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

15 centimeters of rain killed 11 people three and half years ago. What kind of combinations of crowd size, downpour and amount of garbage dumped would create an event of horrific proportions?

akagugo said...

I had to keep my comment hold until tonight, but you nicely summed it all: it's a question of combination of adverse factors. But let me remind you that Mauritius forgets very quickly its past wounds, even its most recent ones. For example, if you happen the cross the bridge along Labourdonnais street of Port Louis, between Washer Woman St and S Bissoondoyal St, you may still see a whole burnt tree obstructing the passage together with a pile of construction waste. Spoke twice to municipal representatives, and then reported to DefiMedia through their WhatsApp portal, to no avail. Did you travel along the new roads built under Baichoo - with the heaps of rubbish accumulating from drivers carefreely littering their way through them? No participation from people, no enforcement from authorities, does Dodoland need another wake-up call more painful than 3 years ago?