Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What Lutchmeenaraidoo Must Do, Fast

Increase top tax rates for individuals and for corporates in the next budget. So energy prices can come down to levels that reflect international conditions. And government can start help the economy humming nicely again. In a sustainable fashion. Smart Cities which are more like glorified IRS will not take us anywhere good. They are like the wrong type of FDI we've been getting since 2005: they don't help our young knowledge workers contribute their skills to push Mauritius forward but only make sure that another whole generation is buried. Alive.

Or Lepep and Vishnu -- who can't seem to tell the difference between a Black Swan and a White one -- stand to lose a lot more than bragging rights about delivering a second 'miracle'. They will inevitably be thrown out of office and voters will finally experience an aha moment when revisiting the 'first' one.


Anonymous said...

V.L is a disappointment.

akagugo said...

What he must do, fast?
Follow Raj's example!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Check what a depreciating currency does to one type of investments for a bank's clients. More on this later.

akagugo said...

Some more good ideas to choose from for Pravind - but who cares?