Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Woman At Le Reduit, Finally

Tomorrow Ameena Gurib-Fakim will make history by ending a long streak of male Presidents. Ramgoolam of course had three chances of putting a woman as head of state. But he didn't. Maybe it's because he was too busy turning our vibrant democracy into a plutocracy. Maybe he was suffering from a really bad case of kotomilitis. 

But women still have to grab the following important posts:
  1. Prime Minister
  2. Minister of Finance
  3. Chief Justice
  4. Commissioner of Police
  5. Commander (SMF)
  6. Governor, Bank of Mauritius
  7. Postmaster General
  8. Financial Secretary (doesn't matter if she's from another planet)
  9. Electoral Commissioner
  10. Leadership of major political parties
  11. Chief Executive Officer of our largest corporations
Go Women! Go!

1 comment:

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Fek eliminnn DDP depi dan lalis parski nu finn deza gagn enn madam DPP: Ah Foon Chui Yew Cheong.