Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why Scrapping of Point System Looks Sloppy

Because it doesn't seem to be backed by a rigorous analysis of the impact the current system has had on the safety of our roads. Minister Bodha might want to replace it with a "simpler" system of 7-8 serious road offences but I think he is confusing a simplistic system with a simple one. And this could be bad news for all road users. Well, save one.

When people have looked at the effect of such a system elsewhere they found -- like in Spain -- that it saved 618 lives over the first 18 months of its implementation. That's a reduction of 14.5% of the number of road fatalities. Of course experiences will vary across countries which is why we need to know the hard facts of our own. Especially since we have about the same amount of people dying on our roads as Norway. Which has four times more people than us.

The last time Mauritius tried the "simpler" route for something fundamental was in 2006 when one toxic bean-counter -- in the name of robust growth rates -- flattened our tax structure to 15%.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

FM Warns Banks Not To Mess Up With Him

And to play a more active role supplying working-capital to the many SMEs that Government wants to see created. If they don't banks should expect problems from him. Banks have responded that they have helped the development of every sector in Mauritius. Mr. Lutchmeenaraidoo also said that banks were the only sector which makes money without working hard.

A few years ago Mauritius was deemed to be held back by some pretty bad interest rate spreads.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Taste Genius At 60 While Apple Expected To Upend Electric Car

Jobs would have turned 60 today. USPS had promised a stamp for him this year. Hopefully they will have it out today if it's not already. I wonder which pic they will use. I have a preference for the Steve Jobs at the time the Mac was initially launched. Mozambique already has a nice set of them since ...2011. Hungary too did something after he died in the last quarter of that year. Plus now there is an Erno Toth-designed statue in Budapest. Nothing on the Apple website right now. But this could change later today.

And yeah the magicians at 1 Infinite Loop are apparently working on an electric car. Vroooommmmmm!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Stray Dogs To Be Put To Sleep

The Ministry of Environment has identified 42 public beaches where these loose dogs are a problem. So they are going to catch them and euthanise them after three days if they are not adopted. Stray dogs are not only a problem on beaches. They are literally a problem everywhere in Mauritius.

But aren't there any alternatives to killing them so fast? Maybe not for those who have rabies. The rest could benefit from what has been done elsewhere.