Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Government To Destroy Biometric Database

This piece of good news was announced yesterday in the 2015-2019 Programme Speech. Along with a number of laudable intentions like
  • making SC/HSC exams free;
  • an SME bank which will invest Rs10 billion over the next five years;
  • a minimum wage bill;
  • focus on job creation for Mauritians: 15,000 will be created every year with many in the public sector;
  • a football academy will be set up;
  • ensuring competitive energy prices;
  • setting up a vascular surgery unit to reduce the number of amputations;
  • and organising referendums on crucial national issues. 
There are also some very vague promises such as 'inflation will be kept under control'. Hmm. An inflation target is a must for two reasons: one to preserve the hard-won anti-inflation capital and two to keep depreciation-happy Basant Roi on a tight leash. Government also wants to include a dose of PR in our electoral system. That's a dangerous proposition that needs extensive debate and a referendum.

Let's see how well this plan is implemented.


Anonymous said...

Add this to the list:
Keeping an eye on the DPP.

akagugo said...

The beauty of face recognition: what Dodolanders don't recognise is how far a government bent on petty revenge can abuse this State tool to track citizens into their most supreme of rights: freedom.