Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fifteen Centimetres of Rain Kill Eleven in a Flash

That's way too many Mauritians to die in a few hours. It's equivalent to about 10,600 deaths for India. Which is roughly the number of lives that were lost there in the 2004 Tsunami. The sheer scale of Saturday's tragedy requires that we find out exactly what went wrong and what needs to be fixed. And what has been done since the Domah report on the 2008 floods was published. But in the meantime the torrential rain protocol needs to be optimised for the preservation of lives. At least those using the underpass of death everyday. Because of how the climate and the concrete invasion is different every few kilometres on our island.

All this should happen while we experience one of our national treasures: our legendary solidarity. And we should definitely be grateful that the torrents of water weren't radioactive.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ramgoolam Right To Tread Carefully With Electoral Reform

By soon publishing a consultative paper and therefore essentially asking the whole nation for input. That's a very commendable move because as the Prime Minister has reminded us yesterday changes to our constitution shouldn't be made on a whim. Or, if I may add, because one or two hysterical marxists like hearing the sound of their voice on radio as often as possible.

And given that we are about to broaden the debate it would be necessary to ask the Electoral Commission to put as much disaggregated data as possible on its website so that we don't shut out any thoughtful solutions.