Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comparing Travel Clips: Bharat and Chota

And one by our leading hotel groups.


akagugo said...

The vibrant, noisy colours, the ambience, the crowds, the raw emotions, so many reasons that make you want to go there, just want to live the experience. Even if you may get raped and/or kidnapped for ransom.

But for the Dodoland clip, it's way too long and impersonal, it starts with generic "musique d'ascenseur", starts with desperately fake scenes (who can smile in our buses, who lives at Le Morne, who can enjoy a catamaran, who has access to golf courses, why are the beaches so desperately empty, where's the smiling girl gone in her crappy bus, all busy working / not enjoying life). 4 minutes into the clip, there's still no Mauritain folk... it's boringly hollow.

With the same images, trim the 6 minutes of sleepy stuff, what do you say about this one: now you're talking!

Anonymous said...

Nice clip for India. I read recently about the big boss of Virgin Branson writing a letter to the president of the Maldives to prevent the flogging of a rape victim.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

You can get raped and kidnapped in a lot of places but the range of raw emotions that you can get in India is quite unique.

I wonder whether I should go there immediately and stay there forever.

I could start another blog there called Bolobaba.

Yeah, the Phoenix ad is a lot better. A lot more inviting. But, in the spirit of equal opportunity shouldn't we have a couple of girls checking a guy instead?

akagugo said...

Yup. Definitely. But, as far as I know, girls don't oggle at guys that openly. Or they must have a special covert way of doing it that males should learn...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

The girls don't? Can't tell because I was not born with eyeball-tracking software or 360 degree vision.