Friday, February 22, 2013

Sik Yuen Exercises Ministerial Prerogative

And sacks Robert Desvaux as Chairman of the MTPA. Xavier Duval is not happy about this and wants Sik Yuen to either reinstate his buddy or quit as Minister. In essence the PMSD believes it is the owner of the Ministry of Tourism.

This reminds me of Obeegadoo's recent comments about how electors literally aren't allowed to vote as they please. And of Sithanen's week-long whining-cum-crying back in February 2007 when he wanted to usurp the Prime Minister's prerogative of picking the Governor of our Central Bank. There was also that circus about him insisting to stay on as Finance Minister beyond April 2010. Could this explain why his report on electoral reform contains perverse recommendations to institutionalise the ownership of ridings and ministries? Aka double candidacy.

Returning to the current situation remember that Ramgoolam's government has a majority of 38-31 and that the PMSD has 4 MPs in Parliament. If 3 Coqs leave Ramgoolam will still have a majority of one. Of two if Guimbeau supports Government. More if a few unhappy MMM MPs cross the floor.

Duval who said he was a reasonable man should do a reasonable thing: resign from Parliament and face his voters immediately as many of them don't remember empowering him to attack our rupee with our own money.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Sik Yuen is now apparently a candidate of the chinese community.

akagugo said...

Who can complain? He managed to get elected, estrange Xavier, sack PMSD nominees from Tourism Authority, whilst winning the PM's support and remaining in Cabinet. So, he's got the total package: trassérr, trianguérr, métérr-siro. And the Lépep team should think twice before criticising his chameleon move: it's the fundamental right of anyone to change/adopt any religion one wants at any time, as bolom himself said at one point in the not-so-distant past. It's just that Michael's has a peculiarly debonair demeanour, an under-cover political-incorrectness...