Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Municipal Voters Send Multiple Signals

The first one is that they're not exactly happy with the trickle-down policies of Navin Ramgoolam since 2005. So they took at least 3 towns away from his control. And he's being given an umpteenth chance to sober up.

The next one is to Remake 2000. We are not happy with Ramgoolam but we don't think you are much better. More importantly it is a confirmation that Berenger has been at the helm of the MMM for too long: he was not able to capitalise on five years of Paglanomics in 2010. And yesterday he did not win the five towns.

The third one is to Steve Obeegadoo. You or your party don't own our votes. We vote as we want. And we'll do exactly the same thing in 2015. Just watch us.

And one to the MMSD. We liked the way you campaigned. We want you to decide who will run Curepipe. We might want you to decide who will run Mauritius in 2015.

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