Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How We Ended Up in This Mess

Navin bags 38 seats in historical win by defeating the other two parties in 2005. But instead of immediately devoting his energy to solving problems that matter he starts by blaming voters for not giving him 45 seats. His government then indulges in the worst economic management our country has known: working at best for 1% of the population. Which produces the worst possible economic outcomes including driving the savings rate to a 30-year low. But these are brushed aside as external factors.

People get poorer with the toxic policies and it is increasingly clear that Labour winning in 2010 will not be an easy task. That's especially evident when the world economy rebounds without Mauritius. Odds would have improved substantially with an easily-done sea change in the economic policies but Ramgoolam prefers to focus on the political chessboard: SAJ is wooed with a second presidential mandate and Pravind is elected with Labour support before replacing Sithanen who is dumped unceremoniously.

Berenger fails to capitalise on Paglanomics and loses an election Ramgoolam was not supposed to win. Fifteen months later the MSM exits government and leaves Ramgoolam with a paper-thin majority. Berenger then drags the President into partisan politics. And things get ugly.

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