Sunday, August 7, 2011

MSM Leaves Government Without Delivering Second Miracle

After Pravind Jugnauth has been Finance Minister for 15 months. I am really surprised because I thought that the the Universe had conspired to make the first one happen as soon as the MSM was created back in 1983. And that after the then Labour Party had left the economy in shambles.

So what's different now? Economic conditions are worse than in 1983? The magic formula is not working anymore? Or maybe there was never any magic formula and the MSM of SAJ mostly got quite lucky?


Anonymous said...

There's no 'Michel Desveaux report' or 'Managing Success' report to support him ! Poor guy !

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

But the poor guy had Ali M and his PBB. I guess this doesn't count as support...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Btw, is this the Devaux Report you mentioned?

akagugo said...

Was the Devaux report updated along the years?
Because it's chock-full of stats about the history of our country... And would be nice to see the evolution of the trends for planning ahead.

And the isohyet map at page 111 was of particular interest: the shape of the 2000mm ishoyet (the area receiving the top 80% of our rainfall) changed drastically over the years: here in 2004 - see how the moist areas (> 2000 mm) have signficantly shrinked!

Just a small parenthesis: this report of 2005 was already stressing the need to protect forests as a means of protecting water catchments, but it's only now in 2011, and without a decent inventory, that a law forbidding felling forests has been passed. Priorities still not defined somewhere at the helm of our country, eh?

So, we do need to adapt to this fact. Does someone have a way of simulating / predicting the future shape of this isohyet? Because this - and the watersheds that these regions feed - will determine the placement and hence the productivity of our new reservoirs, if and when we build them.

Else, to get our country out of the water-stressed category, we will have to rely on prayers, Mme Kwok, or the big brains who like to publicise their meeting the PM (JCDL, Rama Sithanen, Père Grégoire, Danrajsingh Aubeeluck...), or any combination of these, for that matter.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Wai li updated de tan za ot ek bann staff reports etc. Suvan de fwa se enn lokazyon pu riye enn bon kut...

Ya, enkor enn fwa nu na pa kone kiapel priorite.

Simulating isohyet? MATLAB pa fer sa? Sinon kav fer bann kalkil probabilistik gete distribisyon zot movman.

Yep, anu pran randevu ek Matam Kwok.

akagugo said...

@ SJ
"Simulating isohyet? MATLAB pa fer sa?"

Non, sé enn simulation 'in time and 3D-space' ki bizin (UoM deza pe travay lor enn model 2D mem from a specific GIS (geographical information system) software - page 7 - , PC power pa ti assé pou 'render' beyond some proper accuracy) alorss MATLAB fél la. :-)

By the way, ki zot éna pou dire lor bann 'trends' dans rainfall ek températir (paz 14-15) ki'nn enrezistré-la?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Enn ti planning enba labutik pa kav ed nu ladan?

Styl nu itilizasayon delo ogment par tan % par an sa ve dir nu bizin ranz tan reservwar sak tan banane ek nu met enn ti buffer la dan ki tenir kont enn pli gran volatilite dan lapli etc. En mem tan nu fer water harvesting, tir beton plant pie ek investi pu redwir perdisyon.

Bann isohyet la kav pa bizin predir zot ek bel presizyon me ek sifizaman presizyon pu ki management ameliore. Parey kuma met de la pis aterisaz perpendikiler dan erport...

akagugo said...

Wai, 'effortless' planning enba laboutik zot pa capav/fouti assimilé, asterr mem zafferr servi couma caviar lor plato ou kwarr zott pou envie?

Ziss enn ti reflexion bébétt coumha: en Octob 2008, ti ena enn journée reflexion autour (le fameux) MID animé par (le non moins fameux) Joel de Rosnay: ou ti bizin guett bann bagnol ki ti dan parking: average engine capacity was above 2000cc! Miniss environnman ti Lormus dans enn bé-èm 530d. Zott tou ti en-retarr lakoz bouchon, ek bann ki'nn traverse Port Louis / conurbation gramatin ar bann masinn koumsa pou assisté enn seminerr lor developman durab: ki ou dir?
Nou bann ti-reflexion enba laboutik-la ena sanss ar bann peto koumha?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Pa takase, 2012 pu kolek.

Nivo la parey ki diskur sinz-en-sef nuvel an.