Sunday, November 1, 2009

IELS Saying Incinerator Doesn't Make Sense

In a piece recently published in the Forum pages of Le Mauricien Karim Jaufeerally, the President of the Institute for Environmental and Legal Studies, highlights the shortcomings of the project including:
  • serious health risks exist because Mauritius is not exactly a world-beater as far as the enforcement of environmental standards go
  • the incinerator will burn 3/4 of the 400,000 tons of waste we produce per year although 1/2 of the latter quantity is green waste
  • a penalty will be levied if less than 300,000 tons of waste is sent to the incinerator which kind of removes any incentives for us to produce less waste -- see I told you the MID project should probably be renamed MIP (Maurice Ile Palabres)
  • a purchase price of Rs5.71/Kwh for the electricity produced by the incinerator which would be more than 60% that of the IPP contracts -- an abusive price that Ramgoolam has promised to review for about two years now
  • a tipping fee of USD39 per ton of waste
What do you think of all this?

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