Friday, February 13, 2009

Labour Party's Easy Options

Here's what Ramgoolam can do to immediately make sure that he'll have to clear his Prime Minister's desk in 2010: present Rama Sithanen as his Minister of Finance again. Also, keeping him as Finance Minister until 2010 without announcing anything will be the equivalent of Navinchandra having to shoot himself in the foot a few times everyday. That could be quite painful for him given that the huge MK and STC bullets comfortably attended the National Prayer Service in Washington beneath his socks. Ouch!

Here's what he could have done two years ago to keep the odds of him staying in the top job for at least another mandate pretty high: 1) sack Rama Sithanen when the latter took the whole country hostage with his resignation-cum-blackmail charade for a whole week after having screwed up the country for 19 months and 2) deliver the kind of mediocre-but-not-toxic performance he did when he was around the first time.

Sacking Sithanen within a few hours of reading this post could certainly help to clear the political air a little bit but will not be enough. Ramgoolam still has to make an about turn in terms of economic policy. The good news is that that's fairly easy to do and he's got enough time to do it. The bad news is that he has surrounded himself with an impressive number of incompetent Judas. And the incompetent Judas will now do what incompetent Judas know best.

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