Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ramgoolam's Invincible Candidate

That would be Rama Sithanen. I mean, here is a great opportunity to allow the voters of No. 8 to give back just a little bit of all the love he's been showering on the beautiful people of Mauritius for nearly four horrible years now. Besides, didn't he write in paragraph C of the rehashed version of the last June budget that his "reforms have saved the economy". And who says that Mauritians have lost their ability to recognise their saviour when they'll see him screaming atop a lorry? But first, he has to perform an extremely complicated task: resign.

Kozelidir's free guide to a successful ministerial resignation
1. Write a letter where you put down a good reason why you are resigning from parliament (shouldn't have too much trouble there: gosh, there are so many!!! Try this one: how I have been fooling Mauritians into paying too much for their petrol prices for the past 3 years!)
2. Drop the letter at Le Reduit. Don't drop it with the Deputy Prime Minister.

P.S: Help may be available to write an exhaustive letter as well with point no. 2.

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