Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Now

SAJ will not be offered another term as President by Ramgoolam because that will have little bearing on what is optimal for Pravind Jugnauth: share the post of PM with the MMM. Ramgoolam still has a few windows of opportunity of staying on as PM after 2010 left but Sithanen is in a hurry to close each one of them.


Mamoujee said...

The inner circle at La Caverne is already rejoicing that Kewal ke beta has in fact just made an unsolicited begging offer to Emperor Pandit of Sun Trust to carry on for another 5 years....The acolytes of Pinnochio could not believe their ears ! How to interpret this pleading " garde pake rester!" ?

Loulouneji apparently aired her view/vision that Panditji could not spit on milk & honey in his golden old age! Isn't TiKewal an English gentleman of tradition and respect for grand-dimun?, said she. How can he then go against such tradition & history? Sopapa worked hard in the past to instal Pandit into PMship, sobeta is surely making history by taking the cue ( no pun here) from pitaji in granting Presidency and will surely stand high on the shoulders of giants, especially that of a towering sun-trusted Collosus like Panditji, said she.

It all appears that Emperor has chuckled under moustache ( reference is pure coincidence here) and taken the offer sans katakata...

Who says that these dynasties do not make history...or respect traditions ! Jai Mauritius !

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Hard to believe because nothing now prevents Pravin from going into a power-sharing agreement with the MMM to become PM for 2.5 years. Recall that Labour won the last elections by 6% so that only about 3% of the voters need to change sides for Ramgoolam to become the leader of the opposition in 2010. Hasn't that happened already with all the poverty that Sithanen has been creating over the past three years? Indeed a majority of voters thought that the MSM-MMM government produced far too much poverty over the 4.75 years they were in power: a cumulative inflation of 23.90%. Compare that to Sithanen's record of 20.15% in 2.5 short years. And it looks like our Finance Minister has just been warming up.