Saturday, March 9, 2019

60 Years Ago, Voters Seize Wonderful Chance of Sending Maverick To Parliament

At that time it was called the Legislative Assembly and he's about twenty-seven-and-a-half years old on that 10th Monday of 1959 in colonial Mauritius. He already has a lot under his belt. He had co-founded the Mauritius Times roughly five years before and had spent 17 months outside of Mauritius literally globetrotting during which time he secured a 30-minute meeting with Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the philosopher and Vice-President of India. That's barely a decade after the British had been sent packing. Just imagine the energy in the atmosphere. But more happens in that long trip. A lot more. He travels to London and on his way back stops at Paris where he's lucky to have lunch with l'Abée Pierre thanks to contacts established in India. These meetings and travels reinforce what his self-customized education - reading many right sutras very early in his life didn't hurt - has already taught him.

So voters elect him on his first attempt as a candidate in a general election. More was to come his way. Elected as Secretary General of the Labour Party a couple of years later, a post which he kept for about 21 years, he used this position to bring method to the madness in the party. This period would coincide with his work in three Ministries as one of the most important architects of our welfare state. 

Two other factors made the completion of such a massive amount of work possible. The first is that his biggest fan happened to be one SSR. The other is that he married a mathematician. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Win At Old Trafford Could See Reds Lift Trophy on May 4

As per a reasonable scenario where they would win 7 of the remaining games (excluding today's result), draw 3 and lose one. City would get the same number of points from its 11 last games but increase its goal difference by an extra 6 goals compared to Liverpool. Should the Reds get only 1 point from Man Utd today they would have to wait for the final match day and hope to at least draw against Wolves at Anfield.

This would essentially bring us back to a situation like the final game of 1988/89 where the Reds needed just one point against Arsenal to win the League but ended up losing the match (they won the title for the last time the following year). If they lose tonight City would win by a better goal difference on May 12. This assumes for example that the Citizens draw at Crystal Palace one of the four teams that have beaten them this season. Not a given.

Hope your heart is in shape. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why Singapore's GDP Per Capita is 2X Japan's

On a PPP basis that is. And more than three times that of Malaysia. So location doesn't explain everything. Making the purchase of cars has helped. It was not a bad idea to keep good ties with the British either – something which Mauritius also did – and having the government intervene heavily. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Massive Irony Lost on Too Many

The Truth and Justice Commission was set up in March 2009 to look at the complex consequences of slavery and indentured labour. The thing is that this happened at a time when trickle-down economics – the closest you can actually get to slavery in a democracy without recall elections and statute referendums – was implemented in Mauritius for the first time. And this happened a bit after new labour laws which many have regarded as being regressive and have been fighting to get repealed since were passed.

Fixing the pain and injustice of the past requires the same two ingredients as good government: money and talent. Money has obviously been in short supply – there was at least Rs300 billion missing in the government till at the end of last year compared to what the flat tax was supposed to bring in – and so has talent. This has led to an expected deterioration of the living conditions of way too many people. Add the massive disappointment with parties that had members of Cabinet over the last 13 years and you have the recipe for another shock general election.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Kozelidir Person of the Year 2018

It wasn't difficult to name AOC for this. She's such a big bowl of fresh air. And boy does she know what she's talking about.

How does a Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez sound for 2020?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Finalman Rekin Pann Vot 'Under Protest'

Le promye desam li pa ti ankor deside si pa li ti pu konplis pu transform Moris an enn repiblik bananyer. Sirma linn mezir anpler reaksyon tre negatif sosyete sivil par rapor a sa simagri PR ki MSM/ML ti propose la. So gran dezakor se ki li truv sa kuma Sachs so Model A alor ki li prefer Model C. Bel dezakor! Wadire kiken pa le aval pwazon parskinn bliye met enn tigit lavani.

Pli sir li pe espere ki Privy Council pu dir lor ka Medoint avan antam/kontinye negosyasyon. 

5 Reasons Labour/MMM Alliance Lost in 2014

1. Attempt to shift to a semi-presidential system for funny reasons without asking for voter permission in a referendum
2. Adding proportional representation (PR) to our electoral system – that would have created a lot of political uncertainty, bloated an already too big parliament and snatch a powerful weapon voters have – without getting our green light in a referendum first
3. Bérenger as PM – the guy who has only been able to win internal party elections for the past 18 years with his on/off antics and was far from being an impressive PM during 21 months
4. Sithanen – the bean-counter who killed our savings culture and introduced the economy-killing flat tax – as FM 
5. Impact of trickle-down economics (at least Rs540bn of GDP and Rs108bn of government revenue missing at end of 2014) that is Ramgoolam putting the 1% first

And what do you think are going to be the important factors in the next general election?