Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flat Tax Did Worse Than Not Delivering Robust Growth

The trickle-down economics implemented by the Labour Party as from 2006 on the back of a string of lies -- triple external shocks --  did not, as expected, generate the average growth rates of 8%. In fact the growth trajectory over the past decade has been worse than the one Mauritius achieved with progressive taxation over the preceding 10 years. No wonder then that compared to the robust growth targets we've accumulated a GDP shortfall of around 925 billion rupees, 80% of which or 740 billion should have been generated by the private sector.

Welcome to the flat-tax trap. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Will Get The Nuclear Football?

According to the IEM Hillary currently has an 80% chance. That's 60% more than The Donald. But there was a similar gap like in the third week of August. Which was subsequently halved within thirty days. We have about a month to go. And Americans have preferred W over Al Gore before.

Thought Anderson Cooper did a good job yesterday. The final debate is in 10 days. At 5am.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Will We Have A New PM Before We Vote Again?

SAJ said he won't be able to complete a full term and that his son would take over. How would this happen? A bit like before Berenger started his 2-year stint in 2003? Can SAJ stay in Parliament? If he stays how does the President decide that he no longer is the one to command a majority but his son is?

Of course the massive and growing GDP shortfall will be unforgiving.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Travay Finn Mari Tombe Kot Marsan Bulet

A koz lafiev aftez ek salmonel. Enn pake plas usi biznes finn degringole. Bon bizin get enn kut kuma finn ariv sa me kote pozitif ladan seki si dimunn manz mwins lavian ruz ek plis legim kanser va diminye. Sa lepidemi la pe osi montre nu kuma nu land use pa bon. Ek pu bizin rekumans plant legim lakaz.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reds Thrash Champions

Kind of pleasant to watch Liverpool outclass Leicester on Saturday. And especially Sadio Mane, Anfield's new darling. Many see in him a Suarez-class striker. It is an interesting performance for Liverpool given that no Premier League team scored more than two goals against the reigning champions in the entire 2015/16 season. Save Arsenal who won 2-5 last September.

City is looking very strong -- they're the only team not to have dropped any points in four games. Everton too is better with Bolasie.

We're in for another very competitive season.