Sunday, June 17, 2018

SEG Found to Have At Least Two More Giant Flaws

SEG stands for the Sithanen Electoral Galimatia and the first giant flaw is that government formation could take a lot more time after the polls reveal their secrets. How much more time? Well you can look at some of the recent experiences of countries where the electoral setup is either a proportional representation (PR) system or a mixture of PR and First Past The Post (FPTP). This is summarised in the table below. So including a dose of PR might leave us without a new government for as long as six months. This compares pretty unfavourably to the seven days it took us here in 2014.

And there is worse. If no government is able to emerge from a general election for a given period of time we may need to vote again as it's going to happen in Italy soon. Plus I believe the cost of a general election is in the neighbourhood of Rs300m. The cost is even greater for sticking with a caretaker government in the meantime as it would not feel it has popular support to carry out important work. Mauritius cannot afford so much uncertainty. That's for sure. God bless our FPTP system.

What about at least another giant flaw? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dis Top Zur Pu Prezant Bidze

No. 10. Uvertir kup di mond

No. 9. Dimans Pak

No 8. Maha Sivaratri

No. 7. La Nwel

No. 6. Fet de mor

No. 5. Divali

No 4. Zur kot ena deliz

No 3. Le 31 Desam

No 2. Zur kot ena siklonn klas kat

Ek pli top zur pu prezant bidze se

No 1. Le 12 Mars

No Shakira Song For The Russian World Cup

It's instead going to be Nicky Jam with Will Smith and Era Istrefi. A bit sad about that? No problem. Here are the three contributions of the Colombian mega star which you massively enjoyed: Germany 2006; South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014.

The other good news is that she has recovered from a vascular lesion and is now making good on her promise to enjoy every single night. Hmm, this reminds me of something I heard a while ago.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

No Better Day To Ban Plastic Bottles

We know drinking from them is no good for our health. Or for mother earth. A cheaper and healthier alternative is to use old glass bottles at home to store boiled water. It tastes better too. You can even label it with your name. That's a much better decision as a citizen of a country of 1.3 million people and about nine amputations every week than to have a personalised can of soda. You can also buy a container and carry water with you when you go play.

Little things like this will make us more respectful of the environment and make spaceship Earth last a lot longer. Unless you are in a hurry to go live indoors on Mars forever. Like an idiot.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Why Did Zidane Leave Real?

Kind of surprising to see him go as all we heard him say on the topic of quitting after winning the Champions League (CL) was that he didn't think CR7 would leave Madrid. Now that Zinedine has left one might recall that Bale said he needs to play every week. We might add the two facts together and think he was shown the door because the owners of the club probably value Bale and Ronaldo more than the manager. But there are reports that Christiano is devasted by the decision of his coach. But it's true that devastations come in all kinds of stripes.

For sure winning three CL in a row had never been done before but Real grabbed only one La Liga title in the last four seasons – the other three went to its arch-rival, the Barça. And they finished third in the last season. Plus they did look quite vulnerable against Juventus and not very impressive in the final before Mo was brought down. These big clubs don't tolerate dips in performance for too long. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

How Jurgen Plans To Tackle Real's Experience Advantage

Liverpool was never supposed to be in this final. Definitely not after we saw the kind of out-of-this-world football that Man City was playing. Still the Reds beat them in both legs of the CL quarter-final. And then we beat Roma, another very strong side. Plus it is great that Solanke and Robertson scored their first EPL goal in the last game of the 2017/8 season.

Kyiv is in 55 hours.

Go Liverpool! Go!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Diri Basmati Ki U Manze La Ki Dir?

Parski minister pu kontrol komers sa diri la inpe pli byen. Se drol parski depi ase lontan ena sa problem la. Par ekzamp an novam 2010 Cabinet ti desid pu promilge bann regilasyon pu anfors enn bann standard MSB.

Antuka depi 2 banane par la monn remarke ki diri basmati ki mo servi nepli parey kuma avan. Mwespere pwena laman pu sa bann inportater san skripil la.

Lepep Seems To Have A Serious Problem With Trees

First they destroy the unique Promenade Roland Armand for a tram that will not solve the traffic frankenstein. Now we hear that 63 acres of forest are going to be cleared so potatoes can be be grown on them. And let's not forget what happened to our flying fox – a species that was red-listed by the IUCN.

It would have been a lot better to follow some good advice. Which would have provided us with some interesting bragging rights. Instead of granting an indecent amount of exemptions to smart cities.

Decision-makers seem to have forgotten why trees are important. And why nature needs to be respected. But this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Pa Tigit Zordir Nun Tande Lor CWA

Collendavelloo ti truve ki bizin privatiz CWA parski li pa kontan so hotline. Apre linn dir striktir CWA ki pa bon. Lerla linn dir ki linn konpran ki bizin labank mondyal pu develop nu sekter delo. Pa komik sa? Enn pake pei finn remet an kestyon striktir labank mondyal depi si pa komye banane. An plis se enn linstitisyon ki an deklin – an 2011 Lasin ti pe deza donn plis lohn Lafrik ki la bank mondyal.

Enn lot so bann argiman bidon se ki personn pa pu perdi travay. Lol. Enn mari dialog sa. Be eski nu pu privatiz ADSU ek lakur siprem osi lontan ki personn pa pu perdi zot plas? Mo sir pwena dimunn interese zer sa de linstitisyon la. Sof ki gran mazorite sitwayin pa pu dakor. Parey kuma personn pa dakor pu mont pri dilo uswa zet enn ta nu kas dan enn kontra afermaz debil.