Sunday, April 15, 2018

Did 36% of The New CEB Recruits Come From Rose-Hill?

This is what MP Osman Mahomed essentially wanted to know from our DPM on Tuesday. He actually requested four pieces of information on each recruit that joined the utility since January 2015. One of these was their residential address. Collendavelloo replied that it would be unlawful for the data controller who keeps this information to release it. He also mentioned the numbers per district had already been given in reply to a previous question by the same MP.

Residential addresses might indeed be the wrong information to ask. What could instead have been asked is the size of the smallest radius of the area from which most if not all of the 103 recruits – out of 290 – came from. In fact the data should be sliced in any which way and any bias should be flagged and reported to the relevant authorities for further action.

Kifer Mo Diksyoner Kreol Preske Zame Kit Letazer

Parski ena enn alternativ buku pli efikas: diksyoner online Lalit. Bon se avek enn gran lintere ki mo tiaste deziem edisyon diksyoner Carpooran. Ek ti mari bonn feyte li. Me tiek bann mo al pli vit ek enn suri ki ek enn gro liv. Pa bizin dir. Ena osi bann lot ti diferans ant sa de diksyoner la. Diksyoner papye la li servi 'o' wadire pomdamur. Versyon Lalit pli minimalist ek paret plis otantik. Par ekzamp li pu ekrir busabus alor ki dan travay Carpooran li bousabous.

Li normal ki ena sa bann diferans la etan done ki ekrir kreol se enn zafer relativman nuvo. Bann harmonizasyon pu vini apre par zot mem.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Chuttoo Panse Collendavelloo Pe Rod Enn Kudpye Onorab

Parski li kone ki li pa pu dan prosin lalyans Lepep. Se pa inposib etan done ki Collendavelloo finn enn bann minis pli inkonpetan ki nun gayne. An plis li lider enn mari ti parti kot ena manb finn konpar zurnalis a femel lisyen. Jayen Chellum ki ti usi lor plato inn poz enn kestyon interesan: eski labank mondyal se bondye sa?

Bann lezot pwin interesan ki sa de la finn suleve inklir ki nu finn deza kontribye par milyar a traver Build Mauritius Fund pu sanz tiyo, ki reveni CWA pu ogmante a mezir plis dimunn gayn delo pandan plis letan tulezur, ki sa fu si delo inpe bon marse parski nu gayne telma lapli ek ki ti bizin reget bann water rights.

Prem Saddul, enn ansyen Chairman CWA truve ki ti bizin ogmant delo par 10% sak lane parksi nwena linflasyon ek li pur enn partner strategik. Dan lansanb so bann argiman byen byen feb sirtu pu enn ansyen Chairman.

Radhakrishna Sadien osi ti tenir enn pwin de pres kot linn dimand PM pran kont bann azisman bann manb so guvernman ki pe pratik enn politik neoliberal. Sadien finn osi dimand la popilasyon lev zot lavwa aster lamem. Tiena enn zoli poster dan sa pwin de pres la: "kare kare agent la banque mondial".

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What The PM Should Do About The CWA

Put the names of his deputy, the chairman of the CWA, the other board members and that of the General Manager on little pieces of paper in a jar. Then every week take a couple out of the jar and immediately fire and/or replace them. Then listen carefully to the kind of sounds that comes out from the new board and the parent ministry in the following few days. If common sense is back – that is the unpatriotic and stupid ideas of raising the price of water and paying for its management by a private firm are cancelled – stop pulling out new names. If it is not take out a few more.

There is of course no reason why the whole process cannot be completed in a few hours. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Selecao Ends Winning Streak of Mannschaft in Berlin

With a header from Jesus. The player. The Canarinhos were looking a lot better on Tuesday night unlike the thumping they received in Belo Horizonte four years ago when they conceded five goals in nineteen minutes. This time they were pressing non-stop, marking every German player and the front players were systematically going back to beef up the defence. Definitely a pleasant match to watch.

The 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Russia will keep on fine-tuning their games in a number of friendlies between May 18 and June 13 or one day before the big show starts. Germany may meet Brazil as soon as the group stage ends if both teams qualify for the knockout rounds but one of them doesn't come out on top.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Road Fatalities in Singapore Fall By 13.5%

In 2017. It was the sixth consecutive year that the number of people dying on the roads there was smaller than the previous one. It's been falling so much that it reached a 37-year low. In fact so much progress has been made in the city-state that more people have been dying on Mauritian koltar for two straight years although Singapore has about four and half times more people.

With one road fatality every 48 hours here since the beginning of year you not only have to expect the Southeast Asian Tiger to have fewer road fatalities for a third year in a row – they had 22 for the first two months of 2018 – but more worrying is that if the remaining nine months are going to be like the first three we should be hitting a 39-year high with about 183 deaths. This would come after four straight years of increase in road fatalities.

Until a few years back the chart above might have been branded unfair to Singapore because of its much larger population. Not anymore after smart policy-makers have understood that recent improvements in policy tools make it possible to save a lot more lives. And that too a lot faster. At a minimum we could drastically increase the number of random and not so random breath tests when and where it matters most. This would not be the stupidest idea we've ever had and make ansam pa les koltar tuy nu fami ring a bit less hollow than having the SMF help destroy Promenade Roland Armand for a tram which is not going to be there for long.

Friday, March 23, 2018

PM May Need A New Communications Team

Can you believe this? Ok, it's true there has been a policy breakdown for a while now. Still...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

How To Calculate The Sithanen Toohrooh

I am writing this following a suggestion to talk a bit more on the infamous Sithanen toohrooh. A good idea given that it is the product of the worse thing that has happened to us after slavery: the Sithanen flat tax. I started posting about the toohrooh almost seven years ago. And I can't think of a better way than to explain how I estimated it. So people can play with the numbers and understand how we've been taken for a destructive ride.

Actually you need very little data to compute the toohrooh: real GDP growth and nominal GDP. That's it. These are in the 2nd and 3rd columns. We'll show the computations for 2006 but bear in mind your numbers may be slightly off because of rounding error. Nominal GDP growth is computed from nominal GDP numbers of adjacent years. For example the 11.52% is obtained from 213,444/191,393. Implied deflator is a measure of inflation and is the ratio of the nominal GDP growth to the real GDP growth. That is we got the 5.61% from 1.1152 / 1.056 – a more precise calculation than simply subtracting real GDP growth from nominal GDP growth.

Growth needed is the robust 8% real growth promised by Sithanen for slashing our already low taxes grossed up by the implied deflator. We have to do this because GDP and government revenue numbers are computed in nominal terms. So far so good? So growth needed for 2006 is 14.06% (1.08 x 1.0561). With the last number we can get the nominal GDP compatible with an 8% real growth rate. This turns out to be 218,295 or 14.06% higher than the 2005 number. This is 4.851 billions more than the actual nominal GDP of 213,444 and it produces close to a billion rupees of revenue shortfall for our government for 2006 alone if we assume a very conservative government revenue to GDP ratio of 20%.

The numbers for the other years are calculated in a similar fashion. And we've added two cumulative columns to show how the size of the toohrooh has been growing for the past 12 years. As you can see the toohrooh closed 2017 at Rs1.2 trillion and will grow by another Rs300bn this year. You will surely realise that the cumulative revenue shortfall at the end of 2015 was already about enough for Mauritius to get herself a heavy metro system not the junk that's bludgeoning the Promenade Roland Armand.

On dit merci qui?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Choice in 2019 Not Between Pravind and Navin

As Ramgoolam has framed the issue. Where our country is right now there's little else we can do than to vote for 60 good candidates and then see what happens. People are less shy about voting for smaller parties now. We saw that recently in the by-election in Belle-Rose – Quatre-Bornes last December. For the first time it took the vote shares of six candidates to reach 90% of the votes casted. Until now all you had to do to get nine-tenths of the votes in a by-election was to add the votes of the top two or three candidates. This is a tectonic shift. That too after voters expressed their feelings about the wicked scheme of three politicians in December 2014.

Ramgoolam is a neoliberal who doesn't give two hoots about Mauritius. We've seen this in his last two mandates. Maybe the 70-year old politician considers Mauritius as a piece of disposable paper. Or something that shouldn't exist after he breathes his last. All that he looks able of dreaming for our country is a bigger safe and carte blanche to that Paglanomist to sink our nation further.

Pravind is not any better. He's a neoliberal too and has been slashing taxes which will speed up the rotting process. As for the MMM the best it can hope is to sign an 'akor a la palestinyenn' as minority partner with Parti Malin.

Can't wait to see us voters flush the ML whose leader – one of our worst ministers ever – found bliss when he looked in the eyes of an Angolan.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fakim Digs Heels In, Sues Barclays For Half A Billion Rupees

Not only she didn't resign as PJ had announced but the President has made a couple of fast moves. The first one is to sue Barclays Bank for Rs500m. Fair enough, statements of her infamous credit card were printed in a daily. We learned today that she has instituted a Commission of Inquiry to essentially investigate how Sobrinho got his licences and if she had not behaved properly.

It feels kind of strange for Fakim to ask for a commission to investigate her. What is even more weird is that a President is empowered to appoint a Commission of Inquiry into "any matter of public interest or concern, or into any matter in which an inquiry would be for the public welfare" [see Paragraph 2.2]. Then why didn't she ask for one on the Metro Express and another one on the completely stupid and unpatriotic plan of Collendavelloo to privatise water? Should we also mention that the National Assembly can advise her to revoke the Commission she just appointed [see Paragraph 3.4]?

All eyes are now on the Prime Minister who may use article 30 of our Constitution to institute a tribunal to investigate AGF and suspend her in the meantime with the support of the opposition.