Sunday, September 24, 2017

Why India Missed The Industrial Revolution

A little bit of history doesn't hurt. Funny that some people here who had seen the declassified notes of the British PM Harold Wilson – just like anybody with an internet connection – seem to take them at face value. That is the independence of Mauritius was automatic and SSR loved to be called Premier. They seem to think that the Leader of the LP came to the negotiation table mostly unprepared. SSR and unprepared??? He also took his General Secretary to London even though that guy had lost his seat in the 1963 general elections. By 96 votes. Probably to cheer the latter up as he'd always wanted to go to Trafalgar Square.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

RIP Sugar

It's heading there. Less than 1% of GDP now and declining further. It would already have been dead if so much good money had not been thrown after its bad situation. And if it was not for the completely silly policy of competitive depreciation. I heard Krepalloo Sunghoon mention that it costs Rs17,000 to produce one ton of sugar that now sell for less than Rs15,000. How much bigger would the loss be at the very reasonable rate of 25 rupees to a dollar? No wonder then that thousands of acres of sugar cane have been abandoned. But that's kind of natural. We can't pursue activities that are incompatible with the kind of money that is needed to live properly here. Unless if we want to allow modern forms of slavery like too many seasonal workers and God knows what else. Just like we use cars and buses to go to work. And not horses.

We should use the land under sugar cane to grow food and to create more productive opportunities for our unemployed youth. So that we move Mauritius forward.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

How Mauritius Can Increase Its GDP By 50%

Remove all sugar cane and replace it with the kind of stuff we have on the other two-thirds of our land area. That would boost our GDP – and the per capita number as shown in the above chart – by almost half. And get us out of the middle-income group after being trapped there for almost three decades.

No, no, no you say. Sugar has a bright future. Really? Then let's raze all of our towns and grow sugar cane and shrink GDP by 98% or USD11.8bn. That would collapse our GDP per capita to $283 or a level close to that of South Sudan – a country which has been in civil war since 2013. We'd probably experience the same thing if we reverted back to being a mono crop. It'd take a less extreme scenario to have people in the streets. That's for sure. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Collendavelloo Whisked Away After Making Insensitive Remarks

That was in Barkly on Monday when he said that opposing parties could eventually sit around a square, round or oblong table but that he preferred one which is karé karé. As the clip shows no one on his side found that funny. The residents of Barkly present at the meeting were not in a laughing mood either. It couldn't have been otherwise when we know that some of them had just been through the traumatising experience of seeing their houses demolished. For the Lepep tram which we don't really need.

It's not exactly the first time the Minister makes controversial statements. He's the same politician who wants to privatise the CWA because he doesn't like its hotline

Sunday, September 3, 2017

World to Discover Steve Jobs Theater on September 12

When the Cupertino giant will launch the iPhone 8 and some other stuff. The Foster-designed building is huge: its circumference is bigger than the gigantic Pentagon and its diameter longer than the Knock Nevis.

All set for the tech juggernaut to make another dent in the Universe.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

For 629 Cleaners Earning a Pittance Light Finally Appears at the End of the Tunnel

They were earning Rs1,500 per month. Some for 11 years. Which coincides roughly with the Sithanen flat tax. They will now earn around Rs9,000. Most of the extra Rs55-60m they will take home as a group every year will probably be spent – and help make the economy grow faster – unlike the additional monies which the trickle-down policies have handed to those who already have everything.

Kudos to the CTSP for fighting for these ladies.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Teleplus Gets Two-And-Half Times More YouTube Views Than L'Express

After adjusting for how long they've been around. Teleplus has clocked 18.3m views on its YouTube channel since June 3 of last year which is a bit more than one third what L'Express received. Of course L'Express has been there more than seven times longer. So about 40,700 views are registered on Teleplus on a daily basis compared to 15,700 for L'Express. TOP TV gets 13,400 daily views – unlike Teleplus and L'Express it doesn't have any newspapers or magazines – while ION News grabs 9,400 views every day. Radio One too has a channel and it gets 3,300 views each day. Surprisingly one pretty good media platform doesn't have its channel yet.

It would be interesting to adjust these numbers for the types of videos hosted. Like what is the split between thrash/quality reporting. Who should do that? MRC, UoM or ICTA?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What Do You Know About the Sachs Commission?

The one about electoral reform. It's mentioned so often by politicians. But as a thinking-person what have you taken away from it? How would you explain it to a friend in a couple of minutes. Incidentally there was also a select committee on electoral reform chaired by Ivan Collendavelloo in the early 2000s. Do you know what were its recommendations and if they make any sense to you?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blog Different is Nine

Which means we'll be double-digits in exactly twelve months. But we'll hit the 1,500th post and 5,000th comment well before that. And probably end up 2017 with at least 100 posts. Something that hasn't happened since 2012. No shortage of things to write on. Might even break the record of 10 posts in a year here.

Watch out for stuff on...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017