Sunday, August 20, 2023

How One European Country Will Make FIFA History Today

At the end of the final match of the fabulous 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup between Spain and England later today in Sydney one of them will cause history to accelerate. That team will not only win its first Women World Cup and become only one of five nations to have done so – blame the USA for having grabbed half of the eight previous editions organised so far for that – but will also become only the second country to have won both the Men's and Women's FIFA World Cup at least once. Yep, the winner will join Germany which has won at least two of each. 

But that's not all. Either England or Spain will improve their powerhouse ranking by three or two spots when they take the sixth place currently occupied by the Bleus. This will not exactly get Uruguay nervous though although its last WC win occurred seventy-three years ago. That victory made the largest football crowd ever to be assembled so sad that one nine-year old promised his sobbing father that he'd win one for him. He ended up winning three.

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