Monday, October 6, 2014

Parliament Dissolved in Trivial Manner

The people of Mauritius learned about it by way of communique Monday afternoon. It didn't look any more serious on that evening's JT: it took the newscaster a mere 10 seconds. People not familiar with the importance of elections in a democracy might argue that it would have been perfectly ok to make the announcement somewhere in the weather report. Maybe before telling us how much rain Mon Loisir Rouillard got in the last 24 hours.

It's the first time Ramgoolam didn't do a press point to formally announce it to us. But we have to understand. 2014 has been a very heavy year for our MPs. And it's already the third term that our PM is completing. Well sort of.

I guess dissolving Parliament is the right thing to do as there are no major problems in the country. That can be solved by our Parliament by January 14, 2015. Which is 100 days -- time it takes to apparently change lives -- from now. Or by April 24, 2015. 200 days from now. Or enough time to apparently change lives two times. And less than five years since the last time we went to vote. Everything is going swimmingly.


akagugo said...

Trivial? You mean, like when he systematically takes comfortable shortcuts through London on his official trips to Africa and what not without telling anyone anything on his whereabouts...?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I think some people have over the years been a bit hard on his trips to London. Which is one of those great cities where things happen.

Compare that to Jayen Cuttaree using his stint as Foreign Minister as a job search.