Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mauritian FB Pages With The Most Likes

I googled but didn't find any lists. But it's not difficult to get a rough idea:

Air Mauritius: 520,672; L'express: 207,879; Lux* Island Resorts: 123,358; MCB: 104,479; Beachcomber: 72,249; Defimedia Group: 45,843; PMSD: 31,432; ION News: 31,348; SBM: 30,213; MMM: 30,172; Parti Malin: 27,975; Mauritius Labour Party: 27,825; Courts: 25, 268; Le Mauricien: 18,863; Flying Dodo Brewing Company: 13,670; J Kalachand: 5,474; MSM: 5,055; MPCB: 2,710; Le Matinal: 1,564; Kozelidir: 288 (Yahoo!); Conserverie Sarjua: 177.

So the PMSD and Party Malin have more likes than the Labour Party. I guess these two parties will win by a landslide in the next general elections. MK looks like it will be the first company to hit a million likes. When you deal with more than 1 million passengers every year surely it's no big surprise that you are right on the top here. But likes don't necessarily mean a lot as people like pages for all kinds of reasons. And page administrators don't all do as good a job.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

A day later MK has reached 526.2k or about 5.5k more, L'express 208.5k or 0.7k more, Lux* 123.5k or 0.1k more and Beachcomber 72.3k or 0.03k more. So if MK's increase remains constant it should hit the 1 million likes this November 23.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Finally MK didn't break the 1 million likes yet. It has only reached 691k. L'express increased by 76k. Lux* Resorts and Hotels (can't find the Island Resorts one) by 48k. Beachcomber has 100k more likes (one of the best improvement so far). Defi Media by 30k. ION News has now 89k likes (more than Defi Media). MSM 56k. LP 30k. PMSD 33k. Le Mauricien 25k. MCB 126k. SBM 54k. MMM 30k. Le Matinal 6k. Conserverie Sarjua 340. And Kozelidir 416 (Yahoo!). Parti Malin has regressed by 2k.