Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks George, But I Think We'll Pass

I am referring to what looked like an assurance given by the economist and MEXA boss this afternoon on a private radio about the apparent prudence with which the National Pension Fund (NPF) invests workers' money. He was up against Ashok Subron who knows infinitely more about how the economy of Mauritius works than Sithanen and his university buddy, Mansoor, lumped together.

Indeed, standard corporate governance practice suggest that the people of this country be provided with all the information and given the opportunity to make that determination by themselves. That should be relatively easy for the Financial Secretary, who chairs the investment committee of the NPF, to do: the cost of disseminating information is close to zero nowadays. 

Besides, there's a moral obligation for the government to rapidly become more transparent in this and some other areas given that the MCB-NPF scandal is still fresh in everyone's mind. There are also so many great models for pension fund governance. Click here and get ready to say Wow!

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