Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Berguitta To Spend Day in Mauritius

It's been almost eleven years since a significant rotating air mass made it to our Met's cyclone Hall of Fame. For a visit of an intense cyclone you have to go back eighteen years when Connie checked us out for three days at the end of January. Only about 10% of cyclones actually go over us -- Berguitta would be the sixth since 1945. The last chick to do this was Christelle, a moderate depression, twenty-three years ago. It gets even more interesting if you want to find out when was the last intense cyclone that crossed Mauritius. This singular honour goes to Claudette which ruined Xmas 1979 and threw Mauritius into an economic depression -- GDP contracted by 10% in 1980. This was a scary time to grow up. Especially if you had tasted another pretty little thing called Gervaise four years earlier.

Given that it's been thirty-eight years since a cyclone got to know us up close and personal there is a good chance that one in every six Mauritians will experience something new in the next twenty-four hours. Oh yeah one last thing. As the airport will be closed tomorrow, Berguitta has organised her own means of transportation.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Gran mersi Berguitta pann vinn lor nu. Parski tu bann plas kot ena bat bate ti pu vizib enn sel kut. Nek tiek enn kut kuma ena paret finn fek dekuver ki bann pilone elektrik dan dif.

Kisana pa pu dakor ek Akash ki Berguitta ti pu enn legzame kot nu pa ti pu fer byen?

akagugo said...

They're not going away as quickly as before, as measured by meteorologists worldwide - still in denial mode, climate change doubters?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

They are betting on living on that wonderful planet called Mars.