Saturday, June 10, 2017

Heads Roll As May Tries to Form Minority Government

With the help of the DUP. That might not be enough as there have been calls for her resignation within her own party. Jeremy Corbyn is also making plans to form an even smaller minority government. Brits may have to vote again if 2/3 of the MPs so decide or if two different minority governments don't survive a no-confidence motion.

Corbyn ran an effective campaign and promised to " a Britain that works for the many, not the few." This included following a worldwide trend of bringing back utilities under public ownership because "...water bills have increased 40 per cent since privatisation, and our private energy providers overcharged customers by £2 billion in 2015."


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

The link to the manifesto of the British Labour Party wasn't working. Just fixed it.

This is what individual tax payers pay in the UK (personal exemptions decrease and eventually disappear at certain high-income levels). So the top tax rate is 45% and Labour wanted to increase it and Kensington still voted for that?

By the way is Kensington a gated community?

Anonymous said...

Kensington is quite diverse. South Kensington posh more white, north cosmopolitan and vibrant(Notting Hill Carnival).

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Diversity is fine. But it's not gated is it? Also, the roads where the super expensive of Beverly Hills mansions are located don't appear to be gated either.

So nobody cares if you're a billionaire as long as they have enough and the economy is working. Unlike in Mauritius where Dr. Calamity had broken the economy. More on this soon.

akagugo said...

Kensington? Where the poorer were housed in buildings that were deemed to be over-regulated for safety? Yes, but too late...
Please don't forget that we also (I cross fingers very hard on that) can have our own case sooner or later with our NHDC and other CHA/EDC type housing, unless we devise and implement a well-thought-out safety policy and maintain it over time. But when the 'haves' decide over safety of the 'have-nots' under the pretense of 'péna kass', where can it stop?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

So a blogger who said that Grenfell Tower was exposed to serious risks was threatened for setting off alarm bells.

A safety audit of NHDC/CHA/EDC buildings should be done ASAP. Just like the one carried out in the UK which revealed that 60 towers are at risk.

So as to save lives and not pretend to be surprised when a carnage happens.