Monday, May 8, 2017

Poll Says Almost Nobody Will Follow Collendavelloo Into Opposition

If he was to be sacked as Minister. It's a very small sample but we can compare it to the actual events when they happen. Hopefully very soon. All 12 poll participants thought Husnoo would stay in the PJ government. No big surprise here. Fowdar and Benydin (Toolsyraj is the correct name, sorry) are not expected to accompany the leader of the kare kare party. Fowdar is dead against the privatisation of the CWA -- wonder what he thinks about the private companies that the CEB has just set up -- while Benydin has been a union boss for a long time.

Boissezon is a Minister for the first time. Don't see him leaving this behind. Especially when you consider that the ML should join the Dodo on the list of extinct animals shortly. Looks like Rutnah might not stay back. But that was before he said that he was a little fed up with the party. He has also showed up at the Line Barracks before to express support to his "elder brother" Rama Valayden and told the media that he was not desperate about being an MP. Plus if Boissezon leaves Rutnah could get his portfolio.

Gayan should be the only one following IC into the opposition. So overall PJ's majority should improve a bit. And we might get 2-3 new Ministers.

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Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Didn't see Fowdar and Husnoo at congress of ML. Which is consistent with the information in the above sample.