Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's New on The Jag!

We shouldn't worry too much about Brexit. We better focus on the mess we're in. Including raising top tax rates and drastically improving our land use.

Lutchmeenaraidoo will not deliver a second miracle now that he's in another ministry. SAJ didn't either. And don't count on Pravind. Bringing some basic common sense back to policy-making is a good place to start.

Ramgoolam was way too vague about Labour's DNA during a rally organised to mark the LP's 80 birthday. We made it a lot more precise but not before checking how he did on the criteria he listed. It's not the first time Ramgoolam tries to go cerebral.

A good look at income distribution over a 20-year period. Helps answer the following question: who's the better cake-cutter?

Some politicians say that our youth got a skills mismatch. I disagree.

A quick look at the performance of Sithanen from a political perspective.

Enn ti lokasyon pu tiek mo kreol.

And here's a flash review of a few other pieces on The Jag!

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