Thursday, July 2, 2015

Judging the Overall Quality of A Country's Policies

A shortcut is to chart the value of its currency over a couple of decades. And if we compare the latter to the level of exports -- let's say for Mauritius and Singapore -- we get an indication of the strength of the local entrepreneurial fibre. Of course we can use our good old policy matrix. Or have a look at the land use. Or the type of bets that are made and at what cost. Traffic congestion is also a pretty good indicator (Istanbul has the world's worst traffic). And how can we forget fiscal policy?

So I guess we can gauge the DNA of a country pretty fast, eh?


SR said...

Could not agree more Sanjay.

akagugo said...

World Economic Forum wants to use traffic to measure other things.

Remember this? Dodoland takes tied loans for building failures (which they tried to salvage with our expertise in batt-batting...) Need any more examples?

akagugo said...

And when you have double standards in dealing with consent, you must reflect on what is the source of all this wrong we are doing to half of humanity: 'unconscious' sexism, victim blaming, value-based shaming, and what not that inflicts invisible, but long-lasting blows to the human psyche.
What if this parameter is also considered as a marker of how constructive/inclusive a country's policy is towards its significant half? Too ambitious?