Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lawyers Unhappy DPP Attached To AG's Office

As per a cabinet decision on Friday. Unhappy enough that an urgent meeting of the Bar Council has been called for Monday 16h. Essentially some members of the legal profession don't think that such a major change is a step forward because the framers of our excellent Constitution had thought it through and recommended that the process of prosecution be isolated from political influences. For obvious reasons. Like it doesn't make sense that the AG and the DPP share staff and budget. Besides healthy debate is essential when the spirit of our Constitution is challenged.

Incidentally, one of the framers of the supreme law of our land was none other than Stanley de Smith who is remembered as a scholar and legal writer of exceptional quality. So I guess it wasn't a big surprise when the beautiful people of Mauritius chose our current set up over the constitutional equivalent of a badia mal frir.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the DPP can go to court over this matter. If he can and if he goes to court it will be good to see outcome. This will make history.

At the moment the 'accountability' and good 'governance' agenda is being used for anything or everything.

akagugo said...

The DPP has actually threatened to go to court for settling this a third time. What is good about a court decision is that it is a way of ascertaining once and for all on the interpretation of existing legislation - in the case of the DPP's office, the Courts will give a steadfast opinion on the degree of separation that needs to be implemented and how this should done in practice. Then no-one can say that they fail to understand.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Zafer la pe gate brit.