Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leopard Dead After Messing Up With Granny

This happened a few weeks ago in Uttarakhand -- a north Indian state which hugs the Himalayas -- after it attacked her, broke all its teeth and gave up. Granny used her sickle in the toughest of fights which lasted almost half an hour. Thousands lose their lives in India every year after encountering wild animals which are increasingly disorientated by the loss of their original habitat as human settlement expands.

And today a 20-year old man fell into a White Tiger's enclosure at the Delhi zoo while trying to click a picture and eventually lost his life. Some witnesses say the big cat didn't do anything for a good 10 minutes while the man pleaded for his life but dragged him only after people started throwing stones and sticks.

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Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Vijay -- the white tiger -- was born in the zoo and had no hunting experience. Which would explain why at first he was rather curious to find 20-year old Maqsood in his enclosure. But eventually took him away to a safer place (maybe he thought the other people wanted to steal this 'strange prey').

Would rubbing his face with that of the Tiger have saved his life? That of course is easier said than done.

Vijay is said to be behaving normally.