Thursday, September 12, 2013

Philippe Forget Dead At 85

Here's a quote from 'Civic Rights' which he wrote on Friday 13th, 1961 in the Mauritius Times.
"No election with a result favourable to socialist ideology is ever free from consequences of spiteful retaliation, of dismissals for frivolous reasons, of provocative sanctions, of petty nagging, penalising the workers on the suspicion that they "must have voted labour"!"
He wrote in the Mauritius Times because he was friends with Kher Jagatsingh and because that paper was founded in 1954 -- 9 years before L'Express. Incidentally a senior newsman who worked at the local Pravda once explained to me how the guys who set up l'express helped my dad set up his paper. Yeah, right!

Anyway, here is one of the last interviews of PF. R.I.P.

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