Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PM Claims Large Victory in Village Elections

Ramgoolam is saying he won in more than 100 of the 130 villages contested. I don't think I heard Remake 2000 respond to this statement. And I don't even know how to sort these election results. Or those of the last two. Ok it's true I know people who could help me with this. Kind of don't really have time to do it now. But if anyone wants to have fun with them and provide some interesting insights please be my guest.

What these results confirm though is that the MSM is pretty weak in villages. And as they count for next to nothing in the towns Berenger must already be toying with the idea of announcing that his alliance with the MSM is clinically dead. That could come quickly after results are announced on Monday if as expected they don't win all municipalities. And if they don't win by a large margin.

Expect to start the week with a beaming Ramgoolam at a press point.


sunghoon k said...

People who got elected in the villages are not really speaking Ptr people but are in fact popular and socially active , some of them do have some liking for Ramgoolam ,well because he is at the power , who dares to go against him? I think local elections aught to have been a community concerned socially oriented event rather than a measuring instrument for the main political parties. Whereby even the public officers could have taken active part, this could have given the local administration better councillors than we usually witness.

akagugo said...

Paulo claims greater than 50% of votes: go figure who really won now...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@k sunghoon
Mo sipoze ki sa bann dimunn ki vot dan eleksyon vilazwaz vot usi dan eleksyon zeneral.
Mo pense ki eleksyon bizin rempli enn pake rol: diskit program, elir dimunn ki kav fer nu pei avanse ek mizir la fors relativ bann parti.