Saturday, December 24, 2011

Meet The Electoral Boundaries Commission

As the name clearly indicates it is not involved in the preparation of gato batat. Nope. It is rather a very important and independent institution entrusted with a very important task: ensure every 10 years or so that our 20 electoral constituencies have roughly the same amount of people.

But the Commission is allowed to slice Mauritius differently to account for such factors as means of communication, geographical features, density of population and boundaries of administrative areas. The last factor is essentially about trying to make boundaries of towns and villages coincide with those of our constituencies for obvious practical reasons. When the Commission members are done they send their report which could contain recommendations for additions and distractions to the 20 ridings to our National Assembly where it can be approved or rejected but not modified.

Which is why the Carcassonne report didn't contain a wasteful duplication of the work of the EBC.

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Anonymous said...

S. Gobine fine faire ene virage 180 degre gramatin lor reforme electorale. Nepli ena demolition man ou bien expert enba mouchoir sale dan poche. Astere ena carcassonne no 2 alias zorro.
Dapres l'ordre line trouve qui so position ti ridicule et di beurre la pa ti pe fone...