Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Ecrire en Kreol Jaldi Jaldi

Simp terib sa. U plim nek ena ekut ou zorey.

One of the main reasons people don't write in kreol is that they say it's complicated in the sense that some words can be spelled in more ways than one. Hey, this is something that all languages had to deal with. Was it a piece of cake to learn where to put all these terrifyingly complicated accents in French? We just need some rules as to how to write things in there. The good news is this has already been done with the grafi-larmoni.

Another reason is that kreol is apparently a vulgar language. Are these people saying that one cannot be vulgar in French or in English?

The fun thing about creole is that you can probably contribute new words to its dictionary given that it's a relatively new language. For instance sometime back I suggested that 'political animal' could be translated into politichiens. I guess politisat is acceptable too.


Bruno said...

Ki jaldi jaldi oule dir en kreol?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Jaldi Jaldi v dire taye raze, lor vitesse, etc.


Selective Apathy... said...

Hehe. Nice post.
I think some people think Kreol Morisyen is "grocier" rather than vulgar. It is a bit like some people will insist speaking in French in various places on the island because its more chic or what ever.
How about an online Diktionaire Morisyen a la Urban Dictionary style where you can submit your word, how you would spell but if it means the same as another word spelt similarly, they would get grouped together and then you can have votes on a standard spelling?
I was going to write a post about that at some point...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Yeah, the diktioner morisyen should be placed on line so that written kreol spreads in a viral fashion. People are free to speak in whatever language they wish but I think everybody should have the option of being served and spoken to in kreol. For instance messages aboard MK should be aired in kreol as well as in bhojpuri too. Emirates are going to do that sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Whenever a Mauritian is available in the cockpit of Emirates, messages are already being conveyed in kreol.

What about the Parliament? I find the argument "kreol is not an international language" depressing, as if we are caught in permanent colonial trap.

Kranti said...

I sugest a debate on private tuitions - at primary and secondary levels. Should Bunwaree be given a helping push for abolishing tuitions up to std 4 at primary level?

Should he not go further? Imagine a 10 year old child with a 5+ kg bag on his back. The system?

Private tuitions at secondary level - a must or an escape from early home, meet partners (at college levels)?

Trade unions against abolition of private tuitions - interest (more money) or recognising their weakness in teaching in class and their strngth at private tuitions?

Sun said...

LOL at the politisat!! :P I think you have a point. People should be educated about the creol syntax. Although making is offcial languange for MRU is another debate. :)

sanjay jagatsingh said...

Not surprised. It's time to for MK to wake up then.

I think kreol should be admissible in parliamentary debates because that's the language spoken by everybody. And we just need to give the speaker a list of unparliamentary words from the kreol dictionary along with a little bit of training.

sanjay jagatsingh said...

Gd point Kranti. I think if we make CPE exams non-cumulative and reduce its difficulty level for example there will be less need for private tuition. Students should also give feedback on their teachers.

The other thing we could do is to use youtube to teach the primary students in a very relaxed way. Teaching how electricity is made is more efficient with a clip than learning by rote. Just a thought.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Found a morisyen dictionary online. Here it is click mwa

Anonymous said...

Mersi Sanjay!
google en kreol morisien ousi

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Yapadkwa filip.

Wi, bientot sirman ban zenfan pu kav al fer zot lexamen CPE en kreol morisyen a Mountain View, kaliforni (Google Headquarters). sirma pu siport kreol.