Tuesday, April 8, 2014

815 Million Voters To Elect Indian Government

That's 10 crores more voters --1 crore is 10 million -- than five years ago. And about half a billion more than the 1977 elections. You read it correctly: 500,000,000. But they are keeping the same number of MPs: five hundred and forty something. Mauritius, please take note. The voting started yesterday and will proceed in nine phases in the 930,000 polling stations essentially for logistics and security reasons. The biggest crowds will be on April 17 and 24 when some 238 constituencies will be contested.

The elections will cost about MRU18 billion while parties are expected to spend MRU150 billion. Some polls are predicting one of the biggest setbacks for Congress. While other analysts are only trying to figure out by how much Modi will win.

Results are on May 16.

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