Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Boy To Get iStamp in 2015

According to leaked documents the taste genius -- who would have been 59 today -- will appear on an American stamp in 2015. The other good news is that Apple will soon be getting into new product categories. Which will be kind of a test of how well Steve Jobs built the Cupertino titan.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Our Constitution Can Help Refresh the Stale Political Scene

By including a couple of new things like a Prime Minister cannot do more than 2 terms. Which means that Navin Ramgoolam shouldn't stand as PM in the next General Elections. By this criteria SAJ too cannot be our PM again.

We should also add something to the effect that a President cannot go back into politics. Once you become our President you should rise above the political fray for good. So here's another reason for SAJ to withdraw from the soap box. And it makes kind of sense that no one should be President for more than two terms.

A similar criteria should apply for the post of Leader of the Opposition. After the next General Elections no one who has held it for two terms can get this important job again. So Berenger will not be our Leader of the Opposition by Christmas next year. Somebody else will.

Another criteria that will do us a lot of good is that nobody should stand as PM candidate more than twice. If you haven't been able to get elected PM twice it's time for you to allow someone else from your party to try. This means that Berenger cannot have another go at the top job.

Finally, no one should be able to hold the same Ministerial portfolio more than two times. Which means that Rama Sithanen and Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo cannot be our FM again. Neither can Pravind Jugnauth. While we're at it, we should attach an identical criteria to the posts of Financial Secretary, Governor of the Central Bank and Deputy Prime Minister.

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