Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Long Things Take

  1. Presentation of Financial Secretary to one MPC meeting -- about three quarters of an hour
  2. Presentation of one UK budget by Gordon Brown -- about forty-five minutes
  3. Implementation of free education in Mauritius -- literally overnight
  4. Creation of the world -- 7 days
  5. Kurukshetra War -- 18 days
  6. Creation of the American middle-class -- 7 years
  7. 2005 economic reform in Mauritius -- 8-year poop and still waiting for Godot
  8. Deactivation of Mauritian demographic bomb -- 10 years
  9. Malawi following famine-creating policies courtesy of the World Bank -- 2 decades


akagugo said...

Why didn't you add:
Time required for exploring files in the mobile phone of
- one MSM activist taking pictures in public: zero seconds
- one presumed pedophile having exchanged hundreds of calls and texts with a minor: undefined to date, until the police/judges wake from their sleep.

Ah, I was expecting something on the issues troubling the sleep of the likes of Varma, Aimée, Martin, Seetaram, etc...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Why didn't I add?
Because it's not Tuesday (dis de malad).

This post was written after I bumped into a note (got plenty of these by the way) I wrote a couple of years back and I rapidly updated it.
Presumed pedophile: can't write about everything (it's already a 1,000+ post blog) and Kozelidir not really a thrash platform. Plus we can't rely too much on our local media, can we?
MSM activist episode:have better things to write on.

Varma: was thinking to write about his forced resignation but again I have much less time these days. Just compare the number of posts written this year to the total in the past three years.

If you want to write something about Seetaram, Martin, Aimee or anything please be my guest (again) and find the most appropriate post (shouldn't be too difficult) or click the right label (both Seetaram and Martin are in there).

Asterla nu pu zwe enn dis Rafi pu Vinod, Shenaz, Christine e Ah Kong...

Anonymous said...

creation of the world 7 days? creationist? aha!