Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Management Contract of La Sentinelle Suspended

That's coming after the owners of Radio One replaced Jean-Claude de L'estrac with Farook Hossen as Chairman. The island's largest press group will challenge this decision. A new general manager has already been nominated.

Have you noticed any difference in the way R1 processes information since these changes have taken place?


akagugo said...

Listen to what?? rwéi-diyo-wouänn...? Focus is on french variété (Star Ac', Nouvelle Star, etc wannabes who mistake imitation for talent) and franco-centric interests / concerns: should be the best radio for homesick french expatriates: très peu pour moi, merci.

And I thought we were in Mauritius.

akagugo said...

Qui dit vrai: Zan-Klod, ou Rajio-sousou?

La gérr-la ti koumansé dépi enn lépok sa, pa pré pou fini hein?