Friday, May 3, 2013

Norton Deems a Malicious Site

Got this unusual warning message when I was trying to read the report on that terrible accident. The other media sites seem ok. Bizarre.


akagugo said...

Updated their site with the info just now... Isn't it time they revise that 'Online ontime' motto? Probably too busy celebrating their half-century with their awful and atrociously user-unfriendly website layout.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I got a "spy notice" after I left a comment on an article of L'
Moreover, my address got automatically recorded on their system which recognizes me as soon as I log in!
I have been wondering why a newspaper needs to keep track of people who leave comments which are moderated anyway
Ah yes, I pointed to regular bias and unsubstantiated claims/assumptions of the article.
Mo p regrette, I considered leaving a comment there.