Friday, February 22, 2013

Sik Yuen Exercises Ministerial Prerogative

And sacks Robert Desvaux as Chairman of the MTPA. Xavier Duval is not happy about this and wants Sik Yuen to either reinstate his buddy or quit as Minister. In essence the PMSD believes it is the owner of the Ministry of Tourism.

This reminds me of Obeegadoo's recent comments about how electors literally aren't allowed to vote as they please. And of Sithanen's week-long whining-cum-crying back in February 2007 when he wanted to usurp the Prime Minister's prerogative of picking the Governor of our Central Bank. There was also that circus about him insisting to stay on as Finance Minister beyond April 2010. Could this explain why his report on electoral reform contains perverse recommendations to institutionalise the ownership of ridings and ministries? Aka double candidacy.

Returning to the current situation remember that Ramgoolam's government has a majority of 38-31 and that the PMSD has 4 MPs in Parliament. If 3 Coqs leave Ramgoolam will still have a majority of one. Of two if Guimbeau supports Government. More if a few unhappy MMM MPs cross the floor.

Duval who said he was a reasonable man should do a reasonable thing: resign from Parliament and face his voters immediately as many of them don't remember empowering him to attack our rupee with our own money.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will Jordan Put His Shorts Back On?

He turned 50 last Sunday and if you remember he didn't rule out making another comeback. He's apparently in great shape which is why calls for him to stay in retirement might not be so disinterested. 

Mauritius To Get Own Fukushima

That's an intriguing possibility when you have a look at the Integrated Electricity Plan for the next 10 years published by the CEB. Stop at the second paragraph of page seven to read that "as implausible as it may appear, nuclear technology is a generation option".

I'm sorry but it's not an option for us because there are way too many idiots walking around in Mauritius. Besides we won't even need a tsunami to trigger our own nuclear disaster: we can count on a few centimetres of rain, can't we?

Not a bad idea to get inspired by Germany which less than ninety days after Fukushima had announced that they would be phasing out nuclear power within ten years.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pistorius Shoots Model Girlfriend By Accident

Reeva Steenkamp was apparently shot four times by the double amputee paralympic champion after he mistook her for an intruder. She just wanted to surprise him for Valentine's Day. That's one version of the story.

South African police is being very cautious and professional at this stage. Just watch how this brigadier handles the press.

Heavy Rain Shuts Down Water-Starved Dodoland

Yesterday. And just like in 2008, people have lost their lives too during the past few days. I guess Mauritians again experienced how resilient we are. Some people think we should rename ourselves as Gopialand.

Long live the bean-counters!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IPP Contracts To Be Made Public, Finally

Tomorrow according to one newspaper. The government also wants to release the Hunton and Williams report that apparently wasn't too favourable towards the private producers. This is definitely good news as energy is an important building block of our competitiveness.

Hopefully we'll see how we messed up and restore some sanity in this sector.