Thursday, September 8, 2011

56% of Poll Don't Think Electoral Reform is a Priority

This topic was brought back on the front burner after gran frer gran malelve welcomed ti frer ti malelve to renew their vows after the latter's break-up with mo papa-mo papa's son.

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akagugo said...

Is this a surprise?
What people want from traditional politics these days: Navin breaks up with Pravind while still engaged with Xavier. Paul meeting SAJ for an arrangement with Pravind, Pravind fighting against Navin's police and ICAC, then in some months' time, again a break-up between ti-frerr and gran-frerr, Navin smiling together with Xavier, or a break-up between Xavier and Navin, Paul welcoming Xavier with arms wide-open while Pravind accepting begridgingly and ...

L'éternel recommencement du même cycle infernal et vicié?

Is it not time for another form of political power?