Monday, August 29, 2011

Youth To Stage Rally on September 11

To say no to the current social and economic climate. Listen to Jameel Peerally one of the organisers who clearly emphasised that we do not need changes of the type we saw during the Arab spring. I agree, our system needs some tweaking, albeit urgently.

Visit the movement's FB page which has already 10,000 members.


akagugo said...

Who's going?
Where are they gathering? At what time? Where are they going?
And what do they propose?

Sorry about the FB thing, but it's such a hypocritical network that I've preferred going through the 6-month process of unregistering than to tell people that I always unconditionally like absolutely every little thing that they can happen to do with their free time.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We'll find out on the 11 -- maiden day. Starting at Marie Reine de la Paix and ending at Cathedral St Louis. Think it's 9am. They see it as a first step to express unhappiness about where our country is and they have written-up a little manifesto.

Yeah, FB got its drawbacks.

akagugo said...

Some are already unhappy before the event that others are expressing unhappiness... They happen to ignore domino effect, effet boule de neige, tipping poit phenomena, etc. Who knows where this burgeoning 'prise de conscience' can end?

akagugo said...

May I propose to start tackling incivility like this? And stop the indifference!