Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why You Want To Do What You Love

The Bumper Crop That Wasn't

You already know what Shaitanomics did to our savings rate. Here's something else to confirm that you've been taken for a bean-counting ride for too long.

On December 13th 2005 given that the economy was looking good in Brazil the Lula government announced that it would be paying back its USD15.5 billion IMF loan in advance. Argentina followed suit a couple of days later with a similar announcement. That's also what Lutchmeenaraidoo did in the 80s after he bewitched cyclones into avoiding Dodoland.

Compare this to Mauritius contracting billions of rupees of Bretton-Woods debt during the so-called bumper crop. That too after receiving tens of billions of FDI.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lion Ill-Advised To Beg on Tiger's Behalf

Like recently heading to L'Elysée for a godi or asking for scholarships and brains in Singapore. And whilst it's nice that India has drawn a map of our exclusive economic zone for free we're rich enough to pay for it and for everything else that we need to swiftly get our main national problems out of the way.

Yep, we must be quite rich and particularly crazy for having contracted Rs9 billion of foreign debt we don't need from the World Bank. Any guess how much interest we've been paying to this loan shark since 2006?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Debate Can Now Happen

Between the two zinku who have been Minister of Finance given that the last hurdle that was preventing it to happen has now been overcome: the junior one is now also not even a member of a district council.

As I've said before I am prepared to be the moderator for this debate between our two former chancellors. Possible topics include:
  1. How much gold should go in our reserves portfolio?
  2. The fallacy of the triple external shocks argument
  3. The relationship between tax rates and growth rates
  4. The effect of a flat tax on income distribution
  5. Inflation, the worst enemy of the poor
  6. Chronic rupee depreciation and living standards
  7. How to destabilize the Governor of the Central Bank
  8. The effect of savat leponz and gato pima on the eradication of poverty
  9. Putting incompetent buddies in positions of high responsibility
  10. Borrowing billions we don't need from the World Bank and what it's like being a Bretton-Woods puppet
That's a tentative list of course. So gentlemen, how fast can it happen?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer is Back!

Economics Nobel Announced in Less Than One Hour

And you can watch it live on the Nobels website. Incidentally, this prize is attributed by the Central Bank of Sweden. Shouldn't this inspire the Bank of Mauritius to award a prize for bean-counting? Guess they should allow sharing of the prize.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Next Few Days Crucial For Trapped Miners

Now that the drill has reached them because the route to be taken by the capsule built on NASA's recommendations to bring them to the surface one at a time is tricky.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Father of Test Tube Babies Wins Nobel

That's the news from Scandinavia today: British doctor Robert Edwards wins Nobel Prize in medicine for work he started in the 1950s which culminated in the birth of Louise Brown, the first test tube baby, in 1978. As many as 4 million babies have been born via his method since then. Read the press release and check out the high resolution graphic.

Physics Nobel is tomorrow, Chemistry on Wednesday, Literature on Thursday and Peace on Friday. Economics is on Monday.