Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16 Matches in 4 Days: Are You Ready?

And these will close the group matches of the Waka Waka edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Group A: If Mexico and Uruguay slack it off today they both qualify to the next round but they might not because this group's runner-up will likely face Argentina next. For France to qualify Uruguay should beat Mexico 3-0 and France has to beat the Bafana Bafana 2-0. That's quite unlikely because France is one of the three teams that hasn't scored yet while South Africa has and will be playing for the last time in front of its crowd.

Group B: Argentina and Korea should qualify.

Group C: My picks are Slovenia and USA (in that order).

Group D: I am expecting Ghana to beat Germany tomorrow while Serbia to win/draw against Australia. That would have Ghana meeting Donovan's side on Sunday.

Group E: Some stylish football is expected when Cameroon meet Holland on Thursday. Not surprised if Japan beats Denmark and play Paraguay on Tuesday.

Group F: Italy accompanies Paraguay and meets Holland on Monday.

Group G: Brazil beats Portugal 2-0 and North Korea need to be thumped 7-0 again for the Elephants to be still playing after Friday.

Group H: I am guessing Spain and Chile.


akagugo said...

One that sums up the mood on France's state


akagugo said...

Au tour de l'Italie de plier bagage pour tourner la page...

France are the champions in attracting psycho-analysis opinions: fous, champions du monde de la mauvaise éducation, dérive dangereuse, république bananière, pain béni pour le Front National qui affecte même le football amateur...

As predicted by some England has at last realised it had a bad team and deserved to loose

akagugo said...

One of the best timeline reporting of world-cup matches by Nouvel Observateur

akagugo said...

Germany emerges as the favourite at the gates of the final

akagugo said...

Péssé paye lors la-terre mem sa: Maradonna before. And after?